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The Art of Mastering Proofreading

How Students Can Easily Proofread their Work Before Marking.

Proofreading helps students to present clean work to their teachers making them attain higher marks. Human being are not perfect all the time and so are the students.

It is discouraging for every student to score low because of the common errors which can be corrected before submitting the work for marking. It is better for a student to make sure that he or she proofreads the work before presenting it to the teacher for marking. Proofreading is so simple for everyone to do.

In some situations some students might not be allowed to use any proofreading app on their work and they might not have someone to go through their work to help them identify the mistakes, such a student might not love proofreading his or her work. Here are simple tips to assist you proofread your work before presenting it to the right authority.

Go through each sentence you have written. Come up with any spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistake you might have made when writing your text. As a student you should consider reading your work from the last sentence you have just written the last, as you move upward and finish by reading the topic. The last becoming the first is a rule that assists people to pay more attention to the possible mistakes in the text rather than the content.

You will not be there when your teacher will be going through your work, it is advisable to pretend that you are the teacher marking the work. The sentences should be well understood without any assumption. It will be wrong to think that the one who will read your work will understand that work the same way you are understanding.

Do not write about anything you are not sure of in your work. In case you find a sentence that you do not understand its meaning, consider revising it to make it looks real. Come up with sentences which link to the next to give the text a meaning.

Look at the facts in your written work. If you have used some quotes, facts, titles references or charts be keen on the way you have used them to construct a sentence or in a sentence. You can go back to the place you got the information from and read it again. Students should consider referring to the original text so that they can make sure they have written the correct thing.

Have a clear definition of your writing styles. You should be able to recognize your weaknesses and strengths in writing. With this in mind, you will not find it hard identifying your mistakes because you will know where you are weak at. Try to improve on the areas you are not good at so that next time you will be better in writing.

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