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Why Women Should Consider Hormone Therapy During Menopause

Hormone therapy is a type of treatment used to treat women in the menopause stage of life. Estrogen and progesterone are usually not secreted by a woman’s body ones they hit the menopause stage. Lack of these important hormones lead to menopausal symptoms which include absence of vaginal fluids, disturbed sleep and hot flashes. These symptoms make women very uncomfortable and disrupt their normal life. Osteoporosis is also prevented and treated by the hormone therapy. Normally, there are two types of hormone therapy which include the estrogen-only therapy (ET) which is prescribed to women who had their uterus removed due to hysterectomy, and the estrogen plus progesterone therapy (EPT) prescribed for women who still have a uterus. Even though some of the discomforts caused by menopause are manageable, it is advised that women take the hormone therapy because of the following benefits of hormone therapy.

The benefits of hormone therapy go with the type of prescription. The first type of HT which is estrogen-only therapy is beneficial in that it that it relieves most of the discomforts that are caused by the menopause stage. Estrogen-only therapy is usually made into gels, creams, sprays, skin patches or tablets. The estrogen-only medications helps in reducing the itchiness, dryness and burning sensation in the vagina by releasing the estrogen hormone to the body of the woman, hence the woman can have intercourse comfortably. Estrogen-only therapy has also been proven to eliminate hot flashes and prevent seating in the night resulting to sleeping comfortably at night.

Preventing different cancers is one of the major extra benefits of the second type of hormone therapy which is estrogen plus progesterone. Estrogen plus progesterone therapy prevents women from getting colon cancer. When estrogen is produced in excess and is not balanced it can cause uterine cancer, hence EPT progesterone in EPT balances estrogen hence preventing uterine cancer. Another advantage of EPT is that it also prevents heart disease and helps in protecting women from getting osteoporosis which is a bone-thinning disease. It has been proven that EPT both prevents and treats osteoporosis.

Women often get urinary tract infections, however hormone therapy has been proven effective in treating and preventing such infections.

Lastly, hormone therapy has been successful in eliminating mood swings that are caused by the menopausal symptoms. Healthy relationships at work, with friends and with life partners is restored by using hormone therapy, since mood swing can make one become irrational and make unwise decisions. When a woman reaches the menopause stage they are faced with many health complications which make them less productive, luckily, the hormone therapy cover a number of issues by preventing some and treating others all at the same time.

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